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Welcome to the world of Xplor Boards, a paddle boarding company that creates boards designed for kids, youth. At Xplor Boards, we believe in nurturing the adventurous spirit in children and encouraging them to explore the great outdoors while having a blast on the water. Our mission is to provide a safe and exciting platform for young ones to discover the joys of paddle boarding. In this blog, we’ll dive into the wonderful world of paddle boarding, and highlight why it is such a fantastic activity for kids and how our company ensures and unforgettable experience for the young adventurers.

  1. Why paddle boarding for kids
    Paddle boarding is not only a thrilling water sport but also a fantastic way for kids to develop physical and mental skills. The benefits of paddle boarding kids include: improving balance, building core strength, boosting confidence, and fostering a love for nature.
  2. Xplor Boards’ Commitment to safety
    Safety is our top priority at Xplor Boards. We understand parental concerns because we created our kid and youth boards around our son and what we felt was the safest for him and other kids. We have taken every precaution to ensure a secure and supervised environment on our boards: Our kid and youth boards are created with smaller paddlers in mind making them easier to maneuver and handle. Our kid and youth boards come with D rings on the front and back of the boards – The front D ring is there to attach to an adult board. This is perfect for beginner paddlers to help them feel confident with paddling and steering. This also perfect if it’s a little windy and you don’t want them to far from you. Simply attach an ankle strap to the D ring on the front of the kid and youth boards and attach the other side the the D ring on the back of the adult board. Our boards are mostly white – this is to ensure the board doesn’t get too hot. In our experience darker colored boards tend to absorb the heat making it very hot to the touch. Next our paddles. Each size board comes with a different size of paddle to make it easy for kids and youth to paddle, they also float incase they are dropped.
  3. Xplor Boards also offer’s accessories to help with the paddling adventures. We have purple and blue ankle leashes. This is great if you have 2 of the same size boards and want to keep them separate. We also offer deck coolers that are white. White so they don’t absorb so much heat. These coolers are perfect for paddlers of all ages. Throw a water or 2 and some snacks for a fun filled day on the water.

Xplor Boards is more than a paddle boarding company – We are a family owned and we are trying to spread the love of paddle boarding. My husband Josh and I (Chrissy) work really hard to provide great customer service a long with really well made products that we personally use and love. Our goal is to get people in and on the water.

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