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About Us

Welcome to Xplor Boards. We are a family owned and run business. We entered the SUP market in 2019 when we were faced with the stark realization that there were only a handful of inflatable paddle boards available for kids/youth. Our son was at the age where he was ready for his own board, but we couldn’t find one at a reasonable price, with the safety features we were looking for. Disappointed that we could not find a great board at a reasonable price, we set out to build what we wanted and what we felt the industry needed.

The current color scheme of our boards is simple, and has some intention behind it. We found that darker boards got hot while in the sun on the lake. Considering our main goal was to build boards for kids, it was important to make sure we did everything possible to keep them safe. White being the best option to keep the boards cool, that was the main color we wanted to use. We’re just starting this journey, so look forward to new designs and styles in the future.

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A portion of each sale is donated to provide school lunches for children in Malawi, Africa

Shine On Malawi