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Youth 9′ Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

Youth 9′ Inflatable Standup Paddle Board


This youth inflatable stand up paddle board is 9′ x 29″ x 4″, a perfect size for youth ages 10-14. This size of paddle board is perfect for all-around youth paddle boarders of all levels – weighing up to 150lbs

Xplor Boards ensure that all of our inflatable paddle boards and accessories are made of the strongest materials on the market. Each of our inflatable stand up paddle boards are light weight, making them very easy to transport. These particular paddle boards were designed specifically with kid/child/youth in mind. The paddle blade is made of tough nylon composite strengthened by a center rib to prevent warping under strain, and is a little smaller than the adult sized paddle so it fits better for youth. All Xplor Boards ISUP paddle boards come with two stationary fins and one detachable, quick-lock style fin – the slide in and clip requires no tools.

33 in stock

33 in stock

Recommended Accessories:
1 × Deck Cooler

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1 × Goggle Strap

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• Xplor Youth inflatable paddle board is 9' x 29" x 4" and is ideal for youth, ages 10-14 weighing up to 150Lbs.
• This board is lightweight, making it easy to carry and maneuver.
• The inflatable paddle board kit includes: a light-weight paddle that is expandable to fit all sizes of youth riders. The paddle floats and breaks down into 2 pieces. The blade is tough nylon strengthened by a center rib to prevent warping under strain.
• This youth paddle board includes two stationary fins and one removable fin. The removable fin is a quick-lock fin making the installation a breeze. (No tools necessary)
• A D-ring was added to the front of this board to allow another board to be connected to it easily.

This package includes:
• 1 youth inflatable paddle board
• 1 paddle
• 1 pump
• 1 ankle strap
• 1 backpack
• 1 repair kit

Here at Xplor Boards, we're dedicated to helping children – that being said, we will donate a percentage from each sale to Shine on Malawi. This is an organization that provides meals for students while at school.

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 15 × 10 in

Kid Paddle Board, Adult Paddle Board


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Why xplor Boards?

Family owned paddle board business. Our first board was created in 2018. Each paddle board is created with a purpose.

Kids need a board and paddle that is lighter and smaller, making it easier to maneuver for them. Youth are ready for a board that fits them as they are growing.

Adults, we have you covered as well, with boards that offer multiple features. Each paddle board is developed with safety in mind.

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